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R6 MKII Auto Focus/Tracking issue


I shoot in manual all the way for exposure and use Servo for continuous auto focus utilizing the automotive tracking feature and experienced a flaw or issue with the focus system or Tracking and was wondering if anyone else has or has come across a better resolution? 

I was panning on the banks of Daytona Speedway with the Daytona signage in the background with a set-up, 1 lap, cars 3 wide at a very conservative shutter speed of 1/400 instead of a more creative 1/160 or slower that I use frequently because I didn't want any chance of not nailing the photo. I also had the tracking set to automotive and the focusing system decides it wants to focus on the sign behind them on all 7 images. As I could see the signage was in perfect focus on all 7 images and the cars were blurry. My resolution to loosing this opportunity was to dumb down the tracking and eventually turn it off in a must have situation. Generally I have found the tracking system for automotive to track the helmet in a car to be FABULOUS other than this lost opportunity. I also have an issue of focus in low light that I will ask in another message. I would appreciate any alternatives or firmware update info. Thank you.



Sounds llike you simply missed focus, to me.  The camera is not going to acquire a new subject until you change the AF point.  Do not expect the camera to change on its’ own.  It won’t.

I use the BBF button for [AF-OFF] so that I can reset the AF system whenever I need to.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

So I guess I didn't tell you Waddizzle... I move the focal point to the rule of 3rds and I would bet a life of paychecks that assumption is not correct. I have seen it do the same until I disable that function at the same background.

Hi, RacePhotoDave!

Without any unaltered images that include EXIF data, the community won't be able to provide anything beyond guesses at what could be happening.

Otherwise, the next best thing would be to reach out to support so they can walk you through troubleshooting over the phone (they're also photographers), or send the gear you were using on the day in question to the Factory Service Center so our technicians can evaluate it for any faults. They will need all of the Canon gear, including lens(es) and body. You can call support at 800-652-2666 Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET) or start the repair process within your My Canon Account at


Thank you. I will consider that as for now I either disable it or just stay with the slower shutter and panning which it happens less but still does. Do you think there a diagnostic charge? 

There is zero charge for phone support. If you send your camera in, the site will let you know *before* you send it in what the cost will be for an inspection, and then, if the techs determine it needs something more drastic, they'll reach out to you again, before to get permission - just in case it's more than you were prepared to spend (in some cases folks are ready to upgrade instead of spending a lot to repair a late model camera).