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R6 Firmware 1.7.0 update results in banding - a second update resulted in INOPERABLE


I just updated my firmware from 1.2.0 (if I recall) to 1.7.0 and in my initial test of filming the TV screen (a palm tree ocean scene on YouTube), I see banding. I know it is not the TV because 1) The banding is visible in other tests (not on the TV) as well. 2. I recently filmed this same TV scene for a short film - I bought a new TV to ensure it looked good on screen by my R6 and my iPhone (as my old TV threw off a blue backlight). My iPhone still films my TV fine but the R6 - just since updating - has banding - like a horizontal zebra of light / dark - subtle but there. I have a shoot next week so should I take this firmware back to a prior update? What was the original firmware in an R6 bought 8.13.21?


1. A second update of 1.7.0 resulted in nothing working (nothing happens when I record video or try and take a photo. AF doesn't work despite all set (lens and camera) to AF. Screen says MF.

2. I downgraded from 1.7.0 to 1.4 and it did nothing to fix the problem (cannot record video or take photo, same as before.

So I've went from BANDING to UNUSABLE. It was perfect before I updated the firmware.





Firmware upgrades go through a testing phase before they are released to the general public. There are probably thousands of other people who have upgraded their R6 with 1.7.0 and have no issues at all. 

Sometimes things that happen are just a coincidence. A Firmware update will not cause banding issues. My guess is you probably had a sick camera to begin with.

Only a properly functioning camera should ever have its Firmware upgraded. A Firmware upgrade will never fix a sick camera, yet many people will try it hoping for an “easy fix”. 


Mike Sowsun

Except that you are 100% wrong. My camera was pristine before the upgrade. It is 16 months old and has only been used outside the home on 3 shoots. One could hear me far and wide boast of how much I love it. I love it so much that now that my R6 is out for repair, I bought another one (so that I never am at the mercy of a flawed firmware update again). I love it so much that I've been upgrading all my equipment and creating a home studio to hit 2023. My prior camera, a 7D was a disappointment in AF and that alone led to me shooting less.

Your response implies I am lying - that I had a "sick" camera and attempted to fix it with an update. So you couldn't be more wrong but thanks. Just like everyone else who updates their firmware, it is 99.9% because we are told to keep our firmware up to date - and because it's common sense. I update Adobe with every update. I guarantee Adobe wouldn't charge me to fix my product should it have caused it to malfunction and no one would be implying I only updated it because my prior version was "sick."

From AI:

Banding is a type of image artifact that appears as a series of horizontal or vertical bands of discoloration in a photograph. It can be caused by a number of factors, including improper exposure, sensor defects, or problems with the camera's firmware.

If you are experiencing banding in your photographs and you believe it may be related to the camera's firmware, it is possible that the firmware could be causing or contributing to the issue. Firmware is the software that controls the camera's basic functions and can affect the camera's performance, including image quality.

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