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R5c usb-c dummy battery issue


After switching out of video mode, camera becomes unable to power on. Power must be removed and re-established to use camera again. I have tried two different usb-c dummy batteries, both brand new. Both supply the camera with the specified voltage and amps. 

Dummy battery
PD USB-C power bank 100w

Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect camera, dummy battery and power bank
2. Switch camera into Video mode
3. Switch camera to Photo mode

I have tried turning off sensor cleaning at shutdown, it has no effect


Hi Rick,

Apologies for the late reply, we've been dealing with some serious flooding over here in Auckland NZ.

I think you're right, the amps is likely very relevant to this situation. The second dummy battery has an output of "2~3A". I have done some testing with the LP-E6N and LP-E6NH batteries, and found some surprising results. 

Firstly, some output calculations from these batteries (please correct me if I am wrong, I'm no electronics expert) - Both Canon branded batteries.

LP-E6N: 7.2V, 14Wh = 2.0A

LP-E6NH: 7.2V, 16Wh = 2.2A

So the LP-E6NH doesn't even reach 3.0A, and works perfectly fine.

And whats really interesting is the LP-E6N causes the exact some issue (camera locks up when turned off from Video mode).

So if you have an LP-E6N lying around Rick, I would be very interested to see if your R5c exhibits the same behaviour.


LP-E6N...  I do.  Have at least 3 for my 6D2.  I know they work in the R5.  I thought they "could" work in the R5 C as well.  I don't remember for sure, and have never tried.  I think there is a charging limitation - cannot be charged (in the camera or grip?).  I just don't remember which.    At work, will try this evening.  

Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick, any updates on the test?

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