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Question about Canon camera



I was just messing around with a camera we have and wanted to know if it was a decent camera or not. I believe it is a Canon EOS Rebel T3, and it has two lenses that attach to it, one twice the size of the other. I don’t know anything about photography and absolutely love looking at it, but wondered if this would be worth tinkering with to see if I develop an interest in being able to shoot it. Thanks!



This is a perfectly adequate camera for a beginner. It sounds like you have the18-55 mm lens and the 75-300 mm telephoto.


"...if this would be worth tinkering with to see if I develop an interest ..."


There is a big problem associated with using the T3.  It is likely going to turn that "interest" into a fire.  This can only be put out with enormous amounts of photographic gear. Many of good folks have gone down that path.  I am guilty!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Have fun with the camera. I have the T7 with the same lenses. FWIW, a local TV station had an online blurb about an amateur photographer who photographs birds. People are amazed at spending $14K for a camer and lenses.

When I decided to improve, I found a book, Digital Photography for Dummies. Looked all over but never saw my name in the book.

BTW, the community is most helpful. I have posted questions and have had great response.