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Please help me decide which Canon camera I should get - Upgrade from EOS Rebel T100


So I got a Canon EOS rebel T100 right now, but I am thinking of either getting a Canon M50 mark Ii or a Canon EOS r10. I've had the rebel for at least 3 years now and the only problem I got with it is when I take a picture some blob looking stuff comes up in photos like those noodle things you'd see when you go outside from being inside all day. My main reason why I want either camera is mostly for the upgrade, the flip screen, and to take better photos easier, and because the Rebel can't even take audio. If anyone needs more background to this just let me know.



If you want something more future-proof, I'd stick with the EOS R10.   Especially since with an adapter, you can continue to use your EF or EF-S lenses with the R10.


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As a former RP owner, I must give a shout out to that little gem (I've got an R7 now).  It's full frame for about the same price, typically.

At the time of this posting the R10 is in stock at (or some other authorized dealer) with $100 Instant Savings for $879.99. So, I'd think that'd be a wise move.



No decision here, R series all the way. All the rest is a dead end.


" take better photos easier,..."

However, an R series camera will not by itself make you a great photographer creating great photos. The T100 is about as easy as it gets to make good looking photos. If you want a P&S take a look at one of the top drawer Powershot cameras. Several choices like the G7 X Mark II, G1 X Mark III. They do fantastic a job and about as easily as it can be. Plus video!

However, on the other hand if you want to really use a camera, I mean really learn it, stick with an R series model. R7 and R10 are good choices.

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