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600d shutter blade pin visible Infront of sensor?


Hi, when looking inside the camera(in sensor cleaning mode) with sensor visible I can see a small metal clip sticking up a few mm Infront of the sensor from the bottom... it looks like one of the metal clips on a shutter blade, is this supposed to be there I have gently pushed it back so it doesnt cause a shadow on the sensor...and I think it may have been causing an issue with autofocus...
I was wondering what this is and if this is a part of the shutter blade and if it means there is a problem or somthing had come loose, or it just hadn't returned propery? It seems to work ok as far as I can tell so far...thankyou




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"...if it means there is a problem..."


Of course it does! But you probably already knew that didn't you? I would use your Rebel until it quits and buy a new  camera. You can call 1 (800) 652-2666 and ask for options on service or upgrade.

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