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Photos coming out fuzzy on brand new 90D


Upgraded from my rebel T7 to the 90 D because I wanted something more professional within my budget. Photos are coming out with what seems to me to be more noise than the photos I was getting with a T7 I’m wondering if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if my expectations are simply too high

ive been holding my camera Close to my body and gently squeezing shutter

photo info:

iso:100 ap:14 tv:1/60


[URL replaced with destination image.]


And yes I was looking through the optical viewfinder with my arms locked to my body as stable as I can still learning technique but definitely willing to take constructive criticism on my form as I am definitely interested in taking the best possible photos I can


What lens were you using?  You used a really narrow aperture and a very slow shutter speed; that seems an odd combination of settings to match ISO 100 for a standard exposure at the camera's "native" ISO.

The diffraction limited aperture for the 90D is around f5 and when you go beyond that, the sharpness begins to degrade slightly which will be noticeable if you are pixel peeping at 100%. 

I would suggest taking a look at the absolute depth of field you need and set your aperture to something hopefully more reasonable that will allow a faster shutter speed (to avoid any camera shake impact) and move closer to the DLA of the 90D.


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