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Photography Teacher on a mini budget Camera Suggestions

I'd like a camera that is better at keeping everything in focus and a better zoom lens. I'd like to be equipped so that if I wanted to I can shoot portraits and maybe even weddings.
Currently I own:
Canon 40D
50 lens
kit lens (was dropped and doesn't focus well)
Canon Rebel
I want to upgrade to Mirrorless.
Read the recommendations on your site.
Do I need an R10 since I am a teacher so I can better demonstrate things to my students or will an R50 accomplish all my goals? I was also looking at the creator kits.
Can I trade in what I have (except the 50 lens) somewhere that you link to to help me get more bang for my buck? Do you know of any educator discounts?


What is your overall budget?

Note though that no lens will allow you to capture everything in focus.  Wider angle lenses, narrower apertures and having the camera further away from your subject will increase the overall depth of field.  You can also explore hyperfocal distances.

In terms of what camera to use for instruction, it could even be the EOS R100.  I think though that it will depend upon what you plan to teach.  If wanting to teach more advanced topics, it may depend upon having different gear.  e.g. if wanting to provide instruction on using mechanical shutters, then you'd need to step up to at least the EOS R10 (the EOS R50 and R100 are electronic shutter only).


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Hi and welcome to the forum:
1. We cannot give practical advice without a budget value.  The term "mini budget" is not really very helpful and we could spend time looking for things you cannot possibly afford.
2.  As a teacher seeking advice, I would expect you to be quite precise in describing your gear but that is not the case:
- I cannot find a "Canon 4D": do you mean the Canon EOS 40D or is this a film camera?
- You mention a Rebel Which One?
- If you have a '50' lens please advise precisely what model - there are quite a few  e.g. EF or EF-S and all the numbers. 

Canon has a trade-up scheme and also Canon refurbished sites for both bodies and lenses.
These cameras are essentially as good as new.  Canon Mirrorless Cameras: EOS | Canon U.S.A, Inc.
If you are considering an R50 body, I would personally recommend this deal:
RF 50 with RF-S 18-45 and RF-S 55-210 lenses 

Since you want to teach, it is desirable that you have a camera compatible with what your students will be likely to use, and that is likely a R-series Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC).  However, as some may continue to use or get DSLRs, you should consider keeping your current unit for teaching purposes and as a back-up camera if you need one - you should never shoot weddings without a fallback unit.

cheers, TREVOR

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Budgets are nice of course but the fact remains camera gear cots money.  If you are going to play the game there is a cost. The likely best deal for you is EOS R50 RF-S18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit.

EOS R50 kit  <-- click me 😊

With all due respect from your post if sounds like you as the teacher need to take a photography course before you start teaching other.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


“ Do I need an R10 since I am a teacher so I can better demonstrate things to my students or will an R50 accomplish all my goals? I was also looking at the creator kits. “

Depending on your budget and other factors, either the R10 or R50 could serve your purposes.  Both are entry level camera bodies, as suggested by their two-digit model numbers.  The cameras are most similar to the ###D line of advanced Rebel camera bodies like the T5i, T6i, T7i, and T8i DSLR camera bodies.

The R100, which has a three-digit model number, is an “absolute beginner” camera.  It is most similar T3, T5, T6, and T7 DSLR camera bodies.  Like its DSLR predecessors the R100 has only the most basic of camera features.

As far as Creator Kits go, these are starter kits for video content creators.  If video content is part of your syllabus, then these may be a good choice for you.  Otherwise, stick to a basic R10 or R50 camera kit with a starter lens.

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You have a couple of things going on here.

One is how old are your students? Are they 8 years old, or are they 18 years old?

Do they have cameras of their own, or are you just teaching them the principles of photography... shutter speed, aperture and ISO, etc.?

If they don't have cameras of their own, it won't help them much to hit them with real sophisticated equipment and expect them to understand much.

As far as trading in your current equipment, a brand new 40D is currently selling on Amazon for $86.00. Used ones are selling for around $50.00, so you can't expect to get much for your trade in.

If you do decide to buy an R10, or an R50, You can probably expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 depending on if you want to buy a body only, or buy one with a lens. Right now, an R10 with an 18-150mm lens runs around $1,400.

If you want to hang on to your current 50mm lens, you's going to need to buy an adapter so it will work on your new R series body. They run around $125.

I don't know about educator's discounts, but I've never gone looking for them either.

PS: Going from a 40D to mirrorless, you are going to have a learning curve of your own.

Steve Thomas

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