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Odd R5 behavior


I can't figure out if this is a lens problem, an adapter problem, or a camera problem. 

Canon R5 (latest firmware 1.5.2) + RF-EF adapter + EF L 70-200 f.28

With the above combination the lens has a lot of trouble finding focus, that's if it actually stops seeking long enough to try... every so often it will grab focus, and if I shift to a new focus point its a total crap shoot if it will... Trying pure autofocus e.g. let the camera do the thinking or point focus with me doing the driving doesn't seem to help.  

PS interestingly this doesn't seem to happen on my EF L16-35 f.28, I have not yet tried the balance of my EF arsenal to see if its Primes or Zooms behave differently...

Canon R5 (latest firmware 1.5.2) + RF1.4 ext + RF100-500

With this combination several odd things occur. 1) camera locks up frequently requiring battery removal to reset, 2) lens moves to either infinity focus point or all the way to the other extreme of closest focus. Doesn't seek it just goes to either one of those points directly. If I release the lens and even rotate it as if I was removing it even 1/4 turn and then click it back locked that fixes it for about 5 min. 

Canon R5 (latest firmware 1.5.2) with any native RF lens 50, 85, 24-70/2.8

(no adapter/extenders) everything works well and as expected. It seems as soon as I introduce an adapter or an extender the setup loses its mind. I have reset all settings, used factory battery, changed memory cards, low level formatted... all in an effort to reduce variables but can't figure out if this is a CAMERA issue, a LENS issue, or an Adapter/Extender issue. All were working fine on previous firmware versions. I have many exposures to prove it... I find it highly improbable that my RF/EF adapter AND my RF1.4 extender all died simultaneously which is what is leading me to "camera issue".... anyone else with this sort of behavior?? Solutions?? Is this a tinfoil hat conspiracy to get me to buy only native RF lenses??

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