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Not letting me choose focus points and one other thing

I'm having a couple of issues with my camera that I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot, because I can't find the exact fix on the help suggestions...
1) When in Av mode, it's suppose to choose the correct ISO for the situation, mine isn't. It is going to auto or 100 every time no matter what. Even when lighting is perfect in my studio or outdoors, it's acting as though the ISO is off but it's suppose to be adjusting that. It use to work perfectly and all of a sudden it started doing this. I did correct the Aperture (I accidentally changed this I think when I was trying to figure out the focus point issue and didn't realize it.) and it's still not working.  I've got all the lights on in my studio, even the ugly ones just to light this place up while trying to figure out the issue and it's still choosing ISO 3200 and acting as if it's too dark in here. But it is plenty lit up.
2) When in M and Av modes, when I go to use my turn dial to manually choose my focus points, it will only toggle through the points on the center horizontal line. It use to let me choose any of the points on the grid and now it will only go on that one horizontal line. Why is it doing that?
I've gone through all the settings in my camera, googled and watched youtube videos, but nothing seems to correct the focus point issue.


Which camera?

5d mark iv

What lens are you using?  Does this happen with all of your lenses?

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I'm currently using my 24-70 mm. I don't switch it out that much and haven't since this started, so I'm not sure if it would do it when using my 50 mm or not.


What you are asking doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  Av mode selects the fastest shutter speed(SS).  It doesn't have anything to do with ISO adjusting.  Auto ISO does that.  What I think you need to do is reset the camera to factory default.  Menu, tools, clear all settings and clear all custom setting. Now go outside on a nice day set the Mk IV to Av mode. Choose f8,  set the ISO to 200.  Use One shot and just the center focus point.  Daylight WB. Take some shots.  You should see the SS change as you vary your subjects. The ISO remain at 200 and the aperture stay on f8. It should work as expected if it doesn't it needs service.


When you use a semi auto mode like Av it isn't a good idea to also choose Auto ISO.  You are letting the camera choose two legs of the exposure triangle usually not a good idea. Some guys like Auto ISO in M mode but is that truly manual when you do? I think not.


Do the simple test.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

So I fixed the ISO issues by resetting to factory settings. But I'm still having the issue of it not letting me choose my focal points except for the ones only on that one center horizontal line. I've checked all that has been mentioned in this thread and it still isn't letting me. I'm super frustrated! I have no idea what else to try!

I’ve been manually choosing my focal points for over a year now and all of a sudden it will only let me toggle through the points on that one line. It won’t go on the other points no matter what options I try. I’m stumped!

If you have the AF area selection method set to M-fn in your AF menu, then the top panel dial controls horizontal placement and the rear dial controls vertical placement of the AF point.  To me that is awkward and I have this set so that the main dial controls area selection and I use the joystick button for actually selecting AF point.



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BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!  That was it! I must have switched it at some point while messing with the settings! Oh my goodness you have made my day!!!!!!!!!