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No sound playback on Camera 750d

I predominately use my camera for recording dance videos so rely on the sound playback when sorting through my them, however as of late the sound playback has just stopped.

The volume button is turned up and has no effect, I can't see any setting as to why it would have changed (though I am a novice with this stuff) and as far I know I have not damaged the camera.

Once the videos have been transferred to my phone they play the sound, so it is recording sound it is just not playing it back out of the camera for any videos that I have made, old or new 😞 and thats really annoying! I don't want to have to transfer absolutely all my content just to hear what's going on.

Is it as simple as a few settings that may have accidentally been tampered with or is this a repair issue? I haven't even had the camera long so would hate to have to fork out for repair already.

Any insight to this problem would be much appreciated!!!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Cannonn,


Thanks for posting.


When using the MAIN Dial (right behind the shutter release) to adjust the volume, please make this adjustment, only when your movie is playing.

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