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New 60D image numbering system


My friend just purchased a new 60D. After taking 100 photos she up loaded them onto her computer. The image numbering system started at 0720 ? Seems to me that a new out of the box camera should start at 0001. 

Am I wrong?



Yes - a new "out of the box" factory camera will immedaitely ask you to set the timezone, date & time (there's a small "coin" type battery that retains the date/time even when the main battery is not in the camera -- but it does not ship with that date/time/time-zone set) and also the first image number will be 0001.


The camera has been used for something.  Did your friend by this as a "refurbished" camera?


Cameras are generally not in "sealed" boxes -- so they're easily opened and inspected at a camera store, but usually a camera store would have a demo unit.  If for any reason I sample test photo were taken with a camera, one would certainly not expect it to be 720.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da