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Need Help Deciding between 60D, 70D, and T5i


I am only looking at body's.

T5i $599

60D $699

70D $1099


I have a $1000 budget pretty much. I like the T5i and 70D because they are both newer and have touch screen. I am leaning more towards the 60D and T5i because I am going to pick up a 50mm 1.4 from a friend for $250. If I were to squeeze and get the 70D I wouldn't have enough money for the 50mm lens. After I get the camera and 50mm I will be saving to get the 17-55mm 2.8. So that's why I am leaning away from the 70D because it will be at least a month before I get a lens. 


What would be the best option for me. I mainly am looking to use this for family trips like amusement park, aquariums, zoos, etc. 



I would get a T5i. Light camera is great for family trips.

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Sensor performance between the T5i and 60D will be "about the same".  The focus system is also the basically the same (both have 9 point AF systems where all 9 points are "cross type" (dual axis) points.)


The T5i has a touch-screen LCD.  The 60D does not.


The 60D, on the other hand, has a body configuration a bit more like the pro bodies.  It adds a 2nd main dial (on the back of the camera) so that you've got a front dial for your index finger and a rear-dial nicely positioned for your thumb.  Doing manual exposure where one dial controls shutter speed and the rear dial controls aperture is no problem.  In the semi-auto modes, the rear dial controls exposure compensation. 


The 60D also has a top LCD screen with severl extra buttons for commonly used settings.  These buttons control AF mode, drive mode, ISO setting, and metering modes -- all instant access.  


These are all things that require a combination buttons or menu navigation to do on a Rebel series body.


The 70D, on the other hand, is a very nice upgrade over both of these cameras... but if, as you say, you wouldn't be able to afford a lens, that sort of constrains your purchase choices.  A camera without a lens isn't very useful no matter how nice the camera is.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Have you held a 60D or 70D in your hands and compared it with a Rebel body? For me at least that would factor into the final decision. Bottom line is all of these cameras will produce similiar image quality. It's the glass that would truly make one better than the other.

Another option considering you have $1000 budget. Adorama has a refurbished T3i with 18-55 lens for $399. T3i will offer the same image quality as the camera's you mentioned and come with a you'll have $600 left to find good glass for your type of shooting.