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NEW EOS 6D -- battery does not charge




I just got an EOS 6D camera yesterday and the battery is not charging...

Should I return the kit?

What could be the problem?






if you just bought it then it's better to return it. You may find a fix now, but if it happens again later you're too late. It could be there is something wrong with the battery or the charger, we don't really know for sure.

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Yes. That is what I did. It tok a few phone calls, but the Canon rep agreed to replace the entire kit with a new one!
The new battery charges as required. So I'm happy!!!
Thanks for all the answers!


What color are the lights on the charger when you put it in?

Orange/red. And it blinks fasts. According to the user guide, after a while it would start blinking slower and then turn to green. But it stays orange, blinking fast.....
I really wanted to try it out.... It's really disappointing!!!!

The normal blink isn't very fast, it sounds like an error that Canon issued a statementon late last year.  I thought there was eventually a recall, but I couldn't find anything online.


Have a read at this:


Edit: did you buy it from online, major store, or small store?  If it's local I'd probably just go exchange it instead of fuss with a troublesome battery.  If online, I'd probably give that a shot first.  Sorry you're having trouble, I know the excitement of getting new camera toys and wanting to play.


I had the same thing happen.  I unplugged the charger and took the battery out.  I placed in back into the charger plugged it in and everything worked just fine.

If the battery has been sitting on the shelf for a while, this can happen.  Unplug it, wait a minute, plug it back in.  


I have had batteries that I had to do this to once or twice, but once they started charging they were fine and never had another problem again.


Also, batteries don't last forever... I think of them like tires on my car.  They don't wear much when I drive the car, but they do *technically* wear and at some point will need to be replaced.  Heavily used batteries may only get a couple of years worth of use.  Sparingly used batteries may get a few more years worth of use.  Even batteries that are never used at all will eventually go bad... the technology isn't stable enough for a battery to last forever and just sitting on the shelf degrades them.


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