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My canon 100d dropped in water for 3 seconds is it possible to repair it?

My canon 100d dropped in water for 3 seconds is it possible to repair it?


First and most important, DON'T TURN IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!. Smiley Surprised


Dry it thoroughly before attempting to see if it will still work. There are several methods to do this and it will take several days.

A warm heat pad, whatever, just make sure it is completely dry.


If after you have done this and it will not work, it is probably a lost cause. It can be very expensive to fix water damaged cameras or lenses.


Good luck.

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Also try the old "pack it in rice" trick while you let it sit for a few days.  Exercise patience & good luck.


If dropped in salt water, it's a goner for certain. Contact your insurance company.


If dropped in fresh water, it might still work. But it depends upon how much moisture got inside and a bit of luck. 


1. Remove the battery. Important. Do this first. You want to remove power sources in hopes of preventing electronics from shorting out.


2. Turn off camera. Remove the memory card.


3. Remove the lens (optional, see below).


4. Leave open battery compartment and memory card compartment doors to help air out inside.


5. Pop up the flash and leave it standing open.


6. Remove the eyecup and set it aside temporarily.


(Note do not remove lens or open up this way if you sit the camera in rice. You do not want rice dust getting inside!)


Let sit for some days to dry. Do not put the battery back in and turn the camera on until you are certain it's completely dry.


If the lens got soaked too, then it's going to be harder to get dry inside and likely ruined. Try leaving the caps off and standing it on end to dry. But it's still likely to end up with stuff dried onto the optics inside, at best. At worst, it will develop fungus or mildew inside. This can happen inside the camera, too.


Most repairers won't even look at a camera that's been dunked in water. They too often simply aren't worth trying to repair. To be done right would require complete disassembly, cleaning and relubrication.


But it costs little or nothing to try dyring it yourself.... after you get it completely dry, if it's still working okay it might be possible to have the focus screen and mirror cleaned, if that's needed. Don't try to clean these yourself. Both are very easily damaged by the wrong cleaning solutions or incorrect procedures.


I've never had a camera get dunked in water... but have gotten caught in heavy rain with cameras, lenses and flashes... I followed the above procedures (no rice, just warm air from a hair dryer) and everything survived and continued to work fine after a few days drying out. There was no sign of water inside the cameras or lenses, though.


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I did that but it still not help at all. It was unrepaired.


Unfortunately, liquid-damaged cameras are usually not worth repairing. But I agree with amfoto1, make sure you remove the battery as soon as possible (ideally within 1-2 minutes). Was it salt water? If so, you should clean it with the usual tap water.

Try to send it for repair to Canon or local camera store. If it's dead, you can try to sell it for parts on ebay. Good luck! I hope you can still enjoy your camera.

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