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Movie Mode closes out 20s into recording. Rebel T7


So I keep having this issue where I'm in the middle of working maybe 30 seconds - 1 minute into the video and it cuts out closing the mirror leaving me with a black screen saying "Press <(camera icon)> button to activate movie shooting". 


Camera was recently purchased brand new in Dec 2020 so its not a second hand camera.




I am using a vintage Pentax lens with a pentax K to EF adaptor. This is the adaptor being used. HERE


Also using the SD card that came bundled with the camera which on the label is a SanDisk Ultra rated at 90MB/s SDHC I U1 (10) 32GB 


And yes I have formated my card in the camera.





Do you have a Canon lens to try?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


In order to check if its a matter of the SD card not writing fast enough I would suggest setting the movie resolution lower to 720p and seeing if that allows you to record longer. If it does then a card with a higher write speed would be recommended.

So with the vintage lens and adapter still on the camera I tested it with res of 640x480 to see if its the SD card and still cut out.. Smiley Frustrated 


So I went ahead and remove the vintage lens and attached the canon lens that came with it and worked perfectly (aside that the canon lens auto focus is damaged) so I went ahead and reinstalled the vintage lens and it worked perfectly. Smiley Surprised So now I'm thinking maybe it was bugging/glitching out and the canon lens reset the bug/glitch. So weird though.

Good, I am glad you solved your problem, just keep the Canon lens in your bag. 8^)


BTW, if this is the kit 18-55 with bad AF, it can sometimes be popped back into place.

(note that the solution came from a Canon employee)


Yes the kit 18-55 lens but its my fault since the lens was dropped and I opened it up and found one of the little gears are halfway stripped. so if I ever find a cheap parts only lens I'll replace the 1 stripped gear.


stripped gear.jpg