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Mode Dial not choosing correct Mode


Hello Everyone! My new Canon 90d Camera was working fine but suddenly its Mode Dial stopped working properly. I make YouTube Makeup Tutorials. Its only working on A+ mode in video mode. And in photograghy Mode Dial is staying on P or A+ only. I am unable to set the camera Manually. Even if I choose M on Mode Dial, on the screen it shows A+ and Camera stays working automatically. 

As the Manual Mode is shifted to A+, I am not getting option to reset the Camera.

I updated the firmware but no solution.

I tried to clean the Mode Dial with WD-40 but no result.

Its a new camera and I do not want to send it to repair shop as it will be opened and considered as refurbished. Pleaseee help me n guide me what is the solution.

Thank you guys



I strongly recommend sending your camera to a Canon Repair Center.

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Given the date on this post I have to wonder if it’s an April Fools posting. I'm not sure you can access the firmware update page in A+ mode. And the WD40 reference is suspect. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I have shared a video of my camera on a facebook page named 'Canon 90d Users'. You can check there. This problem is driving me crazy how can I even remember about April fool.

Did you try sending it to Canon for repair?


If this is for real,

1. what are you going to do with the camera other than send it to Canon? Isn't it under warranty?

2. Why on Earth would you spray WD-40 into the Mode Dial?


If this is a joke, get a life.


I found the only solution on internet after searching a lot to clean it with WD-40. I had to try everything which I could do at home so I tried.