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Melting/Burning of Unknown Origin Around Periphery of R5 Sensor


Hi All,

Hope everybody is doing well!

My search for a definitive explanation/solution to this issue hasn't yielded results, so I'm hoping that somebody in this forum can enlighten me. More than anything, I just want to become more knowledgeable so that if this is user error, I don't repeat it. My apologies in advance for the iPhone pictures, I don't have another body at the moment.

I purchased this R5 body not even a year ago in like-new condition from a reputable seller. It's not a gray market body and has always been stored/transported in a ThinkTank/climate-controlled environment. The majority of work that I've done in the last few months with this body is event and portrait work.

My Google search yielded that maybe it's an issue with RF lenses burning the affected area either during normal use (backlit scenes?) and/or leaving a lens attached to the body with no lens cap on in the sun. I can definitively say that I've had maybe one portrait session where, for brief moments, I shot some backlit scenes during a warm day and in the evening. I don't shoot video, body has never overheated, etc. Shutter count is only 8,600.

I just sent the body in to CPS and it came back with a clean bill of health, so either the tech. ignored the issue, or idk what else. I saw that for some users in other countries, Canon called it user error and charged for repairs, but idk how I feel about that.

Anybody have any idea what might be causing this? 








Very strange indeed. 


Mike Sowsun


Weird.  The melting idea doesn't make much sense to me, because how would it be just the frame around the sensor?  As for overheating, I've overheated my R5 body lots of times (for tests for my review) and no issues.

All I can think of is residue from cleaning the sensor.  It's entirely possible that it would accumulate there.  It could even be chemical melting, if someone used a very aggressive solvent.

In any case, is it causing actual problems with your pictures?  If not, I guess I wouldn't stress.

If you're interested, my review is here:


I just sent the body in to CPS and it came back with a clean bill of health, so either the tech. ignored the issue, or idk what else.”

You could send it to Canon and specifically ask them to look at the areas of concern and see what they say. 

You didn’t say, but is it a condition that wasn’t there when you first received the camera?


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Search for melt camera sun. Or even better, melted canon 6D. I have seen many pictures like that. The lens doesn't even need to be aimed towards the sun.

EF-M lenses are stopped down when the camera is turned off. Also a lens hood will help and to always use the lens cap when not using the camera.


Leaving the camera lens pointed towards the sun for extended does elevate the potential for heat damage from the sun.  The lens can be covered between shots with a lens cap, ball cap, towel, anything you might have handy that is clean and dry.

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i have the same problem, i use now for 3 months RF lences

before withe the adapter with EF lenses it was not there




Are you in the US?  Is the body less than a year old? 

Not a gentle way to say this.  You need to stop using the camera.  It needs to go Canon for inspection and repair.  The warranty is comprehensive and clear.  When you notice a problem, you need to cease using the camera.  Damage caused by continued use might be questioned. A sensor replacement is not inexpensive and should not be taken lightly.  😲

Get your proof of purchase and register the device.  Then set up a repair.     


Your choice what to do next.  

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The phenomenon is known at the service centre.
The phenomenon occurs due to the normal incidence of light at specific angles. Some measures to reduce this risk are listed in the manual.
Since it does not affect image quality, it is not necessary to replace this part.
If you wish, it can be replaced at the Canon Paris service centre. The cost for this would be around 115€.