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Camera Connect Bluetooth Field version


Canon Camera Connect (CCC)Bluetooth Version



Though difficult, these procedures need be done only once. App is rock solid thereafter. Bluetooth works in the field without Wi-Fi. App takes about 20 seconds to connect. Without these procedures CCC may work periodically then disconnect and be hard to restart. Using CCC is convenience since pictures transmit faster with equal quality as removing the camera’s memory card and inserting it into a computer, all while camera is off and still in camera bag. 

  1. DO A CLEAN INSTALL   Be patient each takes a least a minute for completion.  At worst, a camera Reset may be needed. iPhone NAME must be inserted into the camera and CCC app.
  2. Set Mode knob to ‘M’.
  3. iPHONE NAME LOCATION : Go to iPhone settings make sure the Wi-Fi is on, then turn on Bluetooth. At top of the Bluetooth screen read “This iPhone is discoverable as 5906.”  (5906 is my phone’s name, others will differ.) Touch any previous parings and ‘Forget’ (delete) any listed below. Turn off Bluetooth.
  4. TURN OFF CAMERA and remove battery for 30 seconds.
  5. UNINSTALL CCC if already installed.
  6. INSERT iPhone name into Camera: 
  7. Turn on camera and Bluetooth on iPhone. 
  8. TAKE A BREAK for 5 minutes. Paring instructions to follow will later appear on camera and phone.
  9. Once pairs occur, Install CCC, follow its instructions. 
  10. On camera press menu and select ‘connect’ icon (middle of list at top) and moved to #1. Select “Connect to smartphone/tablet. Then select “Add a device”(iPhone). After 5 minutes the camera name will appear on Bluetooth section of iPhone. Touch camera name and wait till the notice ‘Connected’ appears. 
  11. On camera, press menu then and select the connect icon , select #1, “ Connect to Smartphone. “Change/delete device“ and change the device name to your IPhone name.
  12. INSERT iPhone NAME Into CCC. Start CCC. Once the “Import/Shoot” screen appears touch the 3 little lines in the upper right corner. Select Camera name and change it to your iPhone name. 
  13. ENABLE Wi-Fi in camera and on iPhone. CCC will look for a local Wi-Fi if not found, app asks to join the camera’s Wi-Fi. It may ask to use Cellular Data for internet. Say OK. 

End of procedure.