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Macro Extension Tube Recommendation


I have a EOS RP camera with an RP 24-105 lens and an EF 75-300 lens plus an adapter. I'm in the market for a macro extension tube set and would like recommendations. [commercial link removed per forum guidelines]

Any thoughts? 


@ebiggs1 wrote:

"But I'm debating between the canon 85 and 35. Your thoughts?"


Neither lens is a true macro but either one beats extension tubes, IMHO. Simply because a lens can focus somewhat close to a subject does not make it a macro. A true macro lens is a different lens design.

Yes, they are.  Those RF mount macro lenses with 1:2 maximum magnification.  They have your different design.

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"Yes, they are. "


No they are not. They may focus closer but a "true" macro can do 1:1 reproduction. Plus they are optimized for better optic correction than non-macro lenses that simply focus closer.


Not saying they wouldn't work for the OP and the fact nobody makes a lens like the rf 85mil does make them a tempting choice for sure.

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