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Canon 6D mark II viewfinder not working


Hi Guys,


My canon 6D mark II is experiencing a strange problem: when I used the viewfinder it took a long time to focus, and then it showed 30'' flashing and I can't press the shutter button. I used aperture mode set as 2.8. It seems to be an error with the light meter sensor. When I set auto ISO mode, the ISO increased to 12800 and the shutter time was 4''.  I were able to press the shutter button however the photo was over exposure (of course). Please note that I tried it outside under the sun shine.


When I turned it off and on, the problem is still. However, when I removed the battery and put it back, I can take the shot normally with viewfinder for 2 or 3 minutes then the problem is back again!


I have changed many lenses / batteries and still got the same issue. However the camera works normally in live view mode. 


My canon 6D II is practically new as it's only 6000 shutter counts.


I am not sure it's hardware or firmware? My firmware is 1.1.1.


Thanks so much for your time.




This is likely a problem with the shutter.


Reset your camera settings to defaults.  Use a Canon lens.  If this occurs with multiple Canon lenses, your camera needs service.  

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Hi Rich,

Many thanks for your reply.


I've reset it to the factory setting and have tried with many Canon lenses but the problem is still there.


I wonder if it's with the shutter then:


- Live view mode works normally (I can press the shutter)

- I do the trick: remove battery, put it back then it works for few minutes with viewfinder and the problem comes back!

Regards, Cao



Hi there,


Since the issue is till there, I would agree there is likely something happening with the shutter or mirror assembly that would need service.

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