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Mac isn't recognizing EOS 60D


Help. I just connected my EOS 60D to my Mac, running OS 10.7.5 and it doesn't see it. i downloaded all the utilites and nothing. I checked my system and it sees it as connected via the USB but it is not showing it on the desktop and the utilites say it isn't connected. Please help!



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The application you will need to use to connect to the camera is called EOS Utility.  Please make sure EOS Utility, as well as the other software, has been updated to the versions that will work in OS 10.7.5 by downloading the updates from our website.  Click HERE to go to the download page.

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There are no drivers to install on the Mac for your 60D.  I normally don't use the USB method to connect the camera (I remove the memory card from the card and insert it into the computer to transfer images.)  But a couple of things to keep in mind:


1)  Try connecting the camera DIRECTLY to the computer via the USB cable (in other words, if you were using a USB "hub", don't use the hub.  I currently have a hub I trust -- but only after going through two or three hubs in which some devices failed to work if the a hub was involved.  I've just seen too many falkey hubs to trust them.


2)  The camera only uses the "data" pins of the USB cable.  It does not use the power pins.  But these days so many devices charge via a USB cable that there are now a lot of "USB" cables out there that are really just power-only cables to charge devices (they don't even wire the data pins -- just power).  You need to make sure the cable you use is a proper cable (such as the cable that came with the camera.)


Connect the camera, power it on, and launch the "System Information" app on your Mac (It is in the "Applications" -> "Utilities" folder).   In the left margin of the "System Information" window, highlight "USB" (it's probably the last entry of the "Hardware" section).    Scan the panels on upper right looking for "Canon" to see if the computer sees the camera.


Launch an app that should be able to connect to the camera... such as "EOS Utility".  Apple's photo apps would also work.  It should see your camera and be able to transfer images.  Note that a camera utility will not necessarily launch on it's own.  It's possible to configure the Mac to tell it which app to launch when it sees a camera connect (on your version of Mac OS X it would probably default to iPhoto unless it's been changed.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I had this problem. Got fantastic help from a Canon tech. Solution was to get EOS Utility version 2 (not v3). I went to Canon software downloads, set Mojave as my current OS, not your current OS, scrolled through several “load more” clicks to get to the older EOS Utility 2. I now can connect through USB. Hopefully this applies to your issue as well. 


If you just want to get the images, you don't need any Canon software. Just turn off Wifi if you have it, plug the camera in with a known good cable, and run ImageCapture directly.


Thanks. I appreciate your advice. Image Capture is super slick. But, my goal was to use remote shooting which requires EOS Utility. And I can do that now.