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M50 mii: importing images to iPhone or Mac but not getting LOCATION DATA. (Intermittent issue)


I have an M50 mark II, an PhoneXs Max iOS 15.6.1, and an iMac m1, 2021 OS12.5.1. Ultimately I would like to have all of the photos from my camera on my computer WITH the location coordinates included in the metadata.

I'm trying to import my photos from the camera to either device but the location data is not coming with the images most of the time. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. I have been unable to determine what I am doing differently when it works.

I have been unsuccessful connecting the camera to the iMac through Canon software through Wifi/Bluetooth. I can't seem to find exactly which software I should be using. I keep getting referred to yet another app I need, and then hit dead ends with software that does not appear to support the M50 Mii. 

I am having a lot of trouble with the WiFi/bluetooth processes and while I eventually managed to get the camera and iPhone to connect fairly reliably on the first try, I have 2500 photos on the camera with GPS data and am having trouble getting the location data to stay with the images when I transfer them.

I really do not want to do them in tiny batches and verify the GPS data is intact one by one. At this point that is my only option. (Using Canon Camera Connect and moving a small number at a time, then checking them in my phone's Photos app to verify the locations are still there in the Info panel) It takes a long time, and requires attention to detail so I don't miss any. I have images taken with my phone which do have location data so the images are interspersed between the two cameras once they are imported. Yes, filtering and sorting etc helps, but please just trust me that this is hard to keep track of everything in practice. I'm not looking for advice on how to manage the slow method; I want to be able to import them all correctly without having to verify each one. 

I have been unsuccessful capturing location data when I import the images directly through a file manager using a SD Card/USB adapter. I have also been unsuccessful when using that adapter to import through Apple's Photo App, although at least that retains a little more of the metadata. So I understand the location data needs Canon's proprietary software to transfer the GPS data. (presumably because the GPS data is inexplicably only acquired by connecting the phone to the camera and using the phone's GPS instead of just including a GPS receiver in the camera like most mid-to-upper range cameras!?!? I really don't understand why Canon has opted to not write the GPS coordinates to the metadata of each image early in the workflow process.)

If I get a cable to connect the camera to my iMac's USB-C port, what Canon software is going to let me import the images with the location data? Or is there a way to do it via a cable from the camera to the phone's lightning port? Or an iPad's USB-C port? This debacle has me regretting my camera choice. Please, someone, this can't really be this difficult.

How do others keep their location data intact? Thank in advance.


edited to add:

it appears if I select images individually, rather than selecting an entire day, the location data is being included. I have been able to import nearly 400 images to my phone successfully so far in groups of 12 and up to 72 as long as I checkmark them one at a time. It is going to take a long time to import them all this way and the Canon Camera Connect app is not remaining connected when I switch to the Photos app the verify the location data is included, so there is no indication where I leave off. I also cannot see the filenames in the screen where I am selecting images for import so it is very inconvenient to find where to start each new import. (I do not want to delete images when I import them since I’ve had so many issues)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Surely I’m missing a step?


Rising Star
Rising Star

For still photos I upload all of them to my account, which holds them for up to 30 days, then transfer them to my server using the Canon Image Downloader. This always preserves location information, as well as fully supports both JPEG and RAW/C-RAW formats (I shoot in JPEG + C-RAW.) My bigger problem is getting the location data on the photos in the first place, as the CameraConnect app that provides that information to the camera doesn't always connect to the camera when I expect it to. The only other method I would use to get photos to my computer is to take the SD card out of the camera and insert it into a reader on the computer, which I assume will also transfer location data fine. (I rarely transfer photos directly from my camera to my iPhone. I usually only do that when I want to share a photo quickly.)

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II