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Lost pictures in R5, probably from error 20


Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up if you're having problems with error 20, which seems like many are having with the R5.

A client just got back to me asking for some missing photos and after reviewing my RAWs I noticed by file name difference that the camera didn't write 313 photos out of what should have been 2663.

I was having problems with error 20 during the photo shoot, and I'm guessing those files where in the buffer when I had to take the battery out and back in to be able to continue shooting and never made it into the cards after the power was cut-off. I'm not sure if the camera would continue writing to card after Error 20 if I wait a little before taking the battery out, though.

I hadn't noticed lost pictures because of this until now, but I had the camera sent in for warranty to Canon to fix Err20 a couple weeks ago and I'm still awaiting its return. It's a little scary shooting weddings with it now, but I hope fixing error 20 will prevent a future loss.



Oh, I was using the Lexar Professional 1750mb/s 128gb CFe-B, and SanDisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s 128gb SDXC cards.