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Looking for an upgrade from 77d. Any recommendations?


Hey guys, I currently have the Canon 77d. I’m looking to upgrade and wondering if maybe the R7 is the way to go. I looked at the R10 and realized that most of the specifications are almost the same which led me to r7.

another thought that I had is that maybe I should just buy a better lens for my current camera. Spend the money on that one invest in it and get better image quality. Any recommendations?

I generally don’t take pictures of wildlife I live in New York City, so I take pictures of friends and family with the occasional landscape



What lens do you have?

I have the very basic lens which came with the camera 

18-45 the base one that came with the kit


EOS R10 is a great little camera, and while the headline specs are similar to the EOS 77D with 24MP sensor, there's a big range of additional capabilities in the R10 over the 77D.

Since you said that you were not so interested in wildlife, but had more interest to photograph people and family with the odd landscape, you might want to also consider the full-frame EOS R8 depending on your budget and possibly existing lenses. The EOS R8 would give you a big step up in image quality from its full-frame 24MP sensor and the very latest iteration of the mirrorless AF system. It's similar in size and weight to the EOS 77D and also uses the same LP-E17 battery as the EOS R8 and R10.


EOS R8 RF24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit 

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It’s funny you mention that because I saw the r8 too just recently and considered it! Although I saw that the mp was the same and I figured that maybe I should get one with a higher rating? I’ve also been reading many people saying that mp doesn’t matter much it’s just a selling point to people who don’t know to much about cameras and photography (like myself) 

Megapixels are not the only factor to consider when selecting a camera.

With 24MP you have 6000 x 4000 pixels in the image, this is plenty for prints up to A2 size (17 x 22 inches) and more than can be displayed on a 4K display. One of the key factors for the 24MP in the R8 is that they are individually much larger than the same number on an APS-C sensor. Larger pixels have greater sensitivity in low light for cleaner images, and also have a wider dynamic range.  

Pixels aside, the autofocus in the EOS R10, R7, R8 is night and day different to the EOS 77D. Subject detection and eye tracking for portraits and family pictures ensures that AF is all but something you don't worry about, the camera finds the subject and focuses on the eye for you.

If you do consider the R8 plan on getting the new kit lens or even one of the two RF 24-105mm models to go with it. The kit lens from the crop sensor EOS 77D can be used with the EF to EOS R adapter, but would be rather pointless on a full-frame EOS R8.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author
-- Note: my spell checker is set for EN-GB, not EN-US --

So I was actually about to get the r8 but it ended up being too high for my budget especially with the kit lens. Eventually I’m going to get it but to drop 2000 right away seemed alittle to much for me for right this second. I’m definitely going to get it in the not so far off future.


Many people have been telling me to experiment with lenses on the 77d and although I know the camera is outdated and not so modern I can still get some nice shots. Do you have any recommendations for lenses that are 500 and under? For me purchasing a lens anything above that range I might as well get another camera.

I’ve been getting a lot of advice instead to experiment with new lenses instead of just jumping into a 2000 dollar investment. Even the r10 with a good lens is right around the same price and at that rate I’d rather the r8

"Do you have any recommendations for lenses that are 500 and under?"

Since your budget is $500 and you want something nice...

Do you have a camera store nearby?  I'm not talking about something like Best Buy, who also sells cameras, I mean a dedicated camera store.  The reason I ask is because most camera stores take in used gear in trade for new equipment... and they make sure it is in good working order before they accept it in trade.  You can find some great deals on used lenses this way!  I have bought some very nice lenses over the years this way, at a very nice discount over what a new lens would cost.  The best thing about buying used through a camera store is that they check to make sure everything is working - you don't get that when you buy from a private party.

Now, all of that being said, I know you were asking for particular lens suggestions.  With the used market it is hit or miss on what is available.  Go to the camera shop, see what they have.  Talk to the sales people there, describe what you shoot, and they will help you decide.  Be sure to bring your camera so that you can test any lens in the store to see what you think.


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Thank you that’s a great idea. I’m new to this as I just take my camera and shoot whatever I can here and there including people, portraits, landscape, etc. I will def look into this. Are used lenses safe and a good bet?

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