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Lens and Camera recommendations


Hi all new member here and also very newbie to cameras and photography. 

Two reasons for posting in this section, hope its ok.

1. Wanting to get a macro type lens for my camera,  EOS 6D mk2. I also have a EW-83M 24-105 lens as my one and only. At this time I don't really have aneed for telephoto as I don't shoot action sports ect. 

I do want my lens to be a CANON lens since it's made by the same company for their own camera I have to thing its best that way.

Back story,I had a bought a Rebel  T7i with the efs 18-55 is stm lens

something but my older son being a photographer made me take it back because it was not a "full frame" camera so he guided me into this one. 

My wife and I mostly enjoy posting food pictures and stuff for facebook but also short videos ect. on youtube now. 

My issue is that when i want to get real close up on the food the camera will not snap the picture so I fell I need a smaller lens for those times but I do love the ability to zoom in or out. 

My son keeps telling me to just use what I have and yes it is great but not for close up so I want something better for that.


2. Secondly we are still just learning to use this camera, mostly does an excelent job on auto for my purposes but so I watched a  lot of youtube videos about this camera and almost everybody trashed it as a video camera among other things like the 4k  and one chip and lalalala. So later this year maybe sooner we want a second camera but for sure want one that is GOOD FOR video too, mainly want to shoot more youtube food videos. We're not pros, just having fun at this point.

So not being a REAL photographer and not wanting to lean on my kids too much as they are very opinionated to their way of thinking I want some open minded opinions on my next camera. 


After watching countless youtube videos I still dont know what to buy, so much contradiction on YT with me guessing guys doing good or bad reviews depending if they get the products for free or not, am I right there?


Both my boys are in the photo video industry and love and own Canons, one being a EOS-1D XMK2 and the other a EOS-R as their main cameras and many lenses but they also live 5 hours away so I just can't drive over to barrow one of their lenses plus I want my own. 

I just want to figure this out on my own with your help of course so I can be more knowlegable too and get better with my cameras. 

Any help comments and suggestions appreciated.








P.S. I do want a lens that will interchange with my boys cameras, thanks

EW-83M is the model number of the lens hood, not of the lens. If your lens is the EF 24-105mm F/4L (either version), that's the traditional outdoor "walkaround" lens for a 6D2.


If you still had your T7i, the obvious macro lens would be the EF-S 60mm f/2.8, but that lens won't work on a full-frame camera. So you'll probably want one of Canon's 100mm macros, of which there are two or three versions.


Any lens that works on your camera will work on your son's 1DX, but will work on your other son's R only with an adapter.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

As Bob said, a macro lens is the best choice for close-up photography.


For your camera the Canon 100mm macros are $600 for a non-L lens and $700 for the L lens (currently on sale at that price).


The L lens is outstanding, and if your budget allows it would be a great addition to your arsenal of lenses.


If your primary use is YouTube posting you might be able to get by with using extension tubes.


Off-brand versions are basically pocket change cost, so you could give it a try.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

"I had a bought a Rebel  T7i with the efs 18-55 is stm lens..."


Hold on there a minute.  That combo might have done the trick.  You should have tried it.  Not all close up shots require a true macro lens.  A true macro lens does things beside just focusing closer.  If you don't need that, a lot of lenses will work.  A normal 50mm lens, for instance, will focus down to 13" or 14" inches, will work on any camera is a good sharp lens and just might work for close-ups.and 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


Thank you for the replys, appreciate it. The len I now have works pretty up close like12-15 inches but some food shots need a little more close up and it wont shoot the picture if it's tha close. Won't be shooting bugs or anything that macro so really want it to be  sommething I can still use for some YT video too like maybe it's focused on the plate and or table ect. while the other on me or what I'm doing. 


Was trying to resize a photo as an example on Infanview right now as an example ut it didnt work sowill try again later. Will look at those lenses mentioned.

I prefer new but what are the thoughts on used lenses?  Was hoping to find something around 500 but still a canon lens.




again thanks,





Forgot to ask, any recomendations for the next camera based on what I said in original post?

@FidoQ wrote:

Forgot to ask, any recomendations for the next camera based on what I said in original post?

That's a tough one. Most DSLRs will do video, but none of them do it very well. True video cameras work better, of course, but are expensive.


Actually, I think you're getting ahead of yourself a bit. My advice would be to use your 6D2 for your video photography until you can clearly express how it isn't meeting your needs. Then you can assess whether better video is worth what you'd have to spend to get it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA has a used 100mm L macro for around $650.


They have a good rep for conservative ratings.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Thanks again, Robert for sure the current camera is way better than my capabilities so I'm not trying to get a better camera so much as a second camera, I need two just for different angles and do want one that is as I stated interchangeable with my current one as well as my boys cameras. The Rebels would be awesome especially for the price but just not an option with the lenses and the full frame requirements. Agree that true video camera is superior but we're not at this point worried about that, it's mainly just YT stuff and social media stuff. I just want a second camera and hope to not need another one fo ra coule of years at least and would rather spend some more on lenses and other things during that time while I hopefully learn to d better and video editing ect. 



P.S. As I said too I have already seen several YT videos and they are so contradictory so that makes it harder to know how to make the right decision. I have read through several post's here as well and the 80D and 90D are mentioned often. I also read here that the M's are going to be discontinued and am assuming that M's means the MK's like mine?




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