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Lag when I press the shutter button - 10D


Hi everyone!  I pulled out my OLD Canon 10d camera and am playing around.  The camera takes a picture like 5 seconds or so after I push the button.  Any ideas on what the issue could be? Is it just too old? I bought it around 2007 I believe.  Thanks for your help! ~Angie



It sounds like you've unknowingly changed the camera's drive mode from One Shot to Shutter Delay mode. Not familiar with the control layout on the 10D but the Shutter Mode may be a dedicated button on the top of the camera body or you may have to search thru the camera's menus to change the setting.

If you don't already have the user manual for the 10D I'm sure you can still download a copy from the USA Canon website. Then get out there and start shooting!


Probably the best thing to do is reset it to default settings. Again consult the manual for how. It is a lot easier than trying to find what setting may have got pushed accidentally or by error.

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Thank you both! I've looked for that manual and can not find it here.  In looking online for a digital version I'm not finding one that seems to be from a reputable site.  Any suggestions? 

Here's a link to the user manual from the USA Canon website. It looks like Canon redirects you to the link which seems to be a service that maintains the info for their equipment. It opened safely for me.

Looks like drive mode is set with a button marked "DRIVE-ISO" on the RH side of the top panel, shown on page 14.

To select your drive mode, use the thumb wheel just ahead of the buttons on top as shown on page 78. You should see the setting change on the top LCD panel.

Thank you for that link! I checked it out and from what I can tell I have my settings set to "continuous". So my mind it should not lag when I push the button with that setting. Am I misunderstanding what you're directing me to do/look at?

Maybe a little bit. Continuous shooting allows you to take a "burst" of multiple shots as long as the shutter is depressed. But I don't think you should experience a lag in the initial shutter response. Try setting the drive mode to "One Shot" and see how it reacts.

A full reset of the camera, as ebiggs1 suggested above, is sounding like a better idea. Just for the record, exactly what memory card are you using? And has it been formatted in the camera?

Thank you all so much for trying to help me! I truly appreciate it.  

I did a "clear all camera settings" and still does it.  

I have a promaster compact flash 512mb. It's a card I used to use all the time.

I think I'll take it to a local camera shop and see if they can take a look. 

Again: thank you so much for taking the time to try and help!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Have you actually changed the drive mode to "One Shot" to see if it made any difference in the shutter response time?

In addition to clearing the camera settings you might also want to clear the Custom Function settings (pg 152 in your manual). These two steps should return the camera to it's original baseline settings as when it was new.

Have you formatted the CF card in the camera? If not, be sure to download any images that you wish to save to your computer first before formatting the card. Formatting will erase all image data from the card!

You might also consider replacing the battery for the date and time backup memory. Be sure to reset the current clock and calendar info as well. The camera may need this info for certain functions.

You're lucky if you have a local camera store that you can consult. They'll likely have some used CF cards laying around that they'll let you format and test in your camera. Also it seems that the pawn shops may have a few odd memory cards stashed away under the counter sometimes. If you decide to get a new CF card, I'd try to get nothing larger than maybe an 8gb or 16gb card. The 10D may have problems dealing with the newer, larger capacity cards.

What is your setting on the top shooting mode dial?

What happens if it is set to Green [A+] mode, or automatic?

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