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EOS-1D X Mark II Wireless Option Unavailable with WFT-E8B


I have just purchased a second hand EOS 1DX MKII along with the WFT-E8B

In communication setttings, FTP, WFT etc only the wired tab is lit up.

Have cleared camera settings etc to no avail. The Lan light is flashing which shows the WFT-8EB is connected.

Could it be the previous owner tethered with ethernet an despite clearing settings the camera is not playing ball in wanting to switch to wireless?WhatsApp Image 2022-11-08 at 12.04.45.jpeg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi markprobin,

The LAN is built into the camera body itself, so that option should always be lit up. Since the Wi-Fi option isn't lighting up that indicates the camera isn't detecting the WFT-E8B accessory. That can happen if the accessory isn't fully tightened or if the attachment pin isn't aligned correctly.

The steps to attach it and how to align the pin is shown on page 11 of the WFT accessory manual. If you need a copy that is available HERE. When you attach the WFT-E8B make sure the camera is turned off. Once it is fully attached turn the camera back on.

Thanks for the reply.

The steps in the manual have been repeated many times. Have also tried a replacement WFT-E8B.

I have a EOS 1DX with WFT-E6B which works a treat so am aware how to connect and get working.

Have also tried the WFT-E6B on the EOS 1DX MKII and still the WiFi is not lighting up.

Reading up online, possibly the previous owner of the camera only used ethernet (wired) and once this has been selected the computer inside the camera body  throws a wobbly and rejected wireless.


Hi Mark. 


I am experiencing exactly the same issue. The wireless option is greyed out and I am not able to select it. I followed all the instructions too. 


Have you had any luck in solving this issue yet?





The fault was with the camera and went back for a refund as I purchased another and that worked as it should straight away.