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LCD screen has gone blank


I received the Rebel t4i for Christmas. It's been working great until today. The lcd screen no longer shows any information. If I press any of the setting buttons (ISO, etc), nothing shows up. It worked fine this past weekend.


Hello, I have just inserted the eyecup again until to hear a clip sound. Probably it moved a little bit up the last time I used it.

I have carefully compared the structure of my Rebel T3i camera with the manual.  You all are describing something that looks like this:

My camera does not look like that.  There is simply nothing like the "Display-off sensor (p.42)" on my camera.  Nevertheless, I removed the rubber eye cup and the screen did not come to life.  


If anyone knows of a second suggestion, please speak up.  Otherwise I am stuck for an expensive repair that may cost more than the original camera.

I just had the same problem happen to me today. The viewfinder had somehow been pushed up. So this comment was EXTREMELY helpful.

My rebel T3i screen has gone permanently dark.  I do not find a proximity sensor around the view finder on the T3i and no mention in the manual.  No point asking about settings because the screen is dark and settings are not visible.  Help, please?

My rebel T3i LCD screen has gone black, too.  Nothing so far suggested has cured.  The instructions for the T3i do not mention a proximity detector above the eyepiece or anywhere else, and I do not find one on the camera.  I seem to recall there were LCD indicators in the view-through view finder, but that is dark now too, except for the red focus spots when they activate.  What do you think -- is it toast?

There is a sensor there. It is how the camera turns the LCD display off when you put it to your face and then turns it on again. It senses your face is close. Look in the index, not the table of contents, of the full manual, not the quick reference booklet. You can download it pretty easy and free from the Canon site too.

Pull the eye up up and off. Wipe the whole area with a clean cloth to be sure dirt or makeup isn't blocking the sensor. Put the eye up back on, making sure the rubber cup itself didn't slide up and block the sensor.

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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

OK, I have here the 323 page instruction manual.  The index has 10 entries under D, but nothing that looks like "display off sensor."  I have removed the rubber and plastic outer viewfinder fitting from the camera, but can find no such sensor.  The plastic above the view window is solid and without features.  Here is a drawing of the sensor but it does not look like my camera:  


Is it possible there was an earlier version of the T3i that did not have this sensor?

Number 2 was my issue.  it's fixed now. Thank you!

YAAAASS this saved me thank you!!!

For me it was the rubber cup issue.  I would have never found this.  Thankks!!