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Issues and suggestions


There are some features missing from EOS 60D while the one worked ia my old 450D.

The first one is for all Canon cameras, the other really a downgrade from my EOS 450D.


a) Set Shooting style to M, set ISO to Auto ISO, set aperture to e.g. f8 and Shutter speed to e.g. 1/200. THERE'S NO WAY to over/under expose (setting EV to - or +), only bracketing is possible. Nikon cameras can do this! Can this be done via a firmware upgrade?


b) There's an LCD diplay on top of the camera that lights on when pressing the light button next to it. When taking long exposures in Bulb mode you can't make out what the LCD panel says unless you light it with other means (if you don't want to move the camera at all). In EOS 450D the meter was showing in the rear screen. Can this also be done for 60D?


Now picture these as requested features:


c) Set a minimum shutter speed (e.g. 1/60 sec), fixed or Auto ISO selectable, fixed aperture e.g. f8 (like in AV mode) or automatic selectable. Numbers should blink if correct exposure cannot be achieved with the settings. Shutter speed can be variable from e.g. 1/60 and faster.  This is more useful than another custom mode.


d) In addition: set a maximum aperture number (actually a narrower aperture) e.g. f11, fixed or Auto ISO selectable, fixed shutter speed or automatic selectable. Numbers should blink if correct exposure cannot be achieved with the settings. Aperture value can be variable from e.g. f11 and lower.


e) If you can do the above easily, then can you try and let the user set an upper and lower value for Aperture Value and Shutter speed in which the user can operate the camera (used for best quality images).


These features are very useful when shooting quality images and you know lens and light limits.


f) Digital Photo Professional should be updated with better sharpening algorithms. This is really a joke!! Even Nikon has a top RAW decoder for thei cameras! Come one, you are losing customers over such issues!!



i couldn't agree more with the above


as a programmer i can say that all those settings mentioned can be easily create in a firmware upgrade.

Nikon cameras offer a ton of features like the above

Magic Latern hack also offers many things


why canon policies are limited to such features? is it really difficult to create a proper bulb indicator or a minimum speed setting?


the digital photo professional is really weak. The sharpening methods and the exposure/highlight/shadows settings are far behind the competition such as lightroom.

I don't understand why...

I gotta admit, if i were a new customer i wouldn't choose canon. Nikon offers much more features in software both cameras and computer editing software even if it costs more.. Canon doesn't seem to provide something similar and makes cameras less attractive to new photographers.

"... the digital photo professional is really weak. ..."


That is why you need CS6 and stop using DPP. Even on a budget you can get PSE 10.

Adobe's RAW 7.2 is better than Canon's own RAW converter.


But all this is true but there is no way I would pick Brand N over Canon. Simply not going to happen.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!