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Issue:I cannot connect camera connect with more than two cameras at the same time... Is it possible?


I have an M50 and a T6.

I have ostensibly connected the M50 to my cell phone. It worked.

I then tried to connect my T6 to my cell phone, this where I ran into problems.

I was unable to connect the T6. Camera connect kept referring to the M50 connection I already had.

I wanted to have both cameras connected so if I wanted to use one rather than the other, I could do so.

But it did not work.

I may be wrong but I think that I have to clear one camera to connect the other. I haven't tried that yet because I did not want to disconnect the M50.

Does anybody know or understand this...




I might be wrong, but I think you have to clear the settings for your M50 before you can connect your T6.

You might have to uninstall the Camera Connect app on your phone and then re-install it, but I'm no expert and don't take mine as the final word.

Steve Thomas


I hope that I do not have to uninstall camera connect then reinstall it again to do the t6 connect.

Being lazy I'll try to clear the m50 connection then try to reconnect the t6. If it works OK, if not I'll try the uninstall route.

We'll see.



If you are trying to make concurrent connections to more than one camera at the same time, that is not supported.  

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you. I was sort of leaning towards that solution.

So, in order to connect my T6 to my cell phone; I must first clear all the connection of the m50, then start the process all over again to connect the T6.

Is that correct?

Thanks again for your response.

Every camera has a unique hardware address.  If you wish to connect to a different camera, then you must establish a new connection configuration.  It does not necessarily  mean that you must delete previous connection configurations.

"The right mouse button is your friend."