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Is the rebel t6 right for me?


My daughter who is turning 15 has requested a DSLR camera for her birthday.  I will start off by saying I know nothing about cameras, I take all my photos on my iphone and think they look great so I apparently do not have an eye for photography.  She on the other hand is no longer satisfied with the photos she takes on her phone 7.  She will mainly use the camera to take nature photos, landscapes and portraits of people and animals. I dont have a ton of money to spend so I thought the Rebel T6 might be a good first option for her.  I should also mention she does have some experience using a friends DSLR camera.  Do you think this camera will take good photos (comparably better than her iphone) and be a good fit for a teenager?  Do you reccomend something else in the same price range?   I see it comes with a standard lense but should I buy any other lenses?  Does it need anything else?  How easy is it to transfer photos to social media? 


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The T6 is a good, basic camera.  You get a few more features with the T6i and T6s, but all are capable of doing a good job.  The availability of many lenses are what make DSLR's so flexible, so the choice of an appropriate lens is important.  I would suggest you browse Canon's refurbished store, which features a large selection of cameras and lens packages at greatly reduced prices.  These are typically excellent quality and are covered with a factory one year warranty.


If you select a camera with wifi built in, you can transfer images to any smartphone with a free Canon app.  They can then be uploaded to social media sites.  Otherwise, you simply transfer to a smartphone, tablet or computer via a card reader which plugs directly into your device.


Any DSLR has a learning curve, especially coming from a smartphone camera or simple point and shoot camera.  If any photography classes are available in your area, that would be a great addition to the camera purchase.  The skill and knowledge of the person behind the lens is always more important than the equipment.

The T6 is a bare-bones entry-level DSLR. It's probably fair to say that if it has a specific purpose that justifies its existence, it's to introduce a teenager to serious photography. So there's a high probability that it's exactly what you want. She'll outgrow it eventually if she maintains her interest in photography, but it will have served its purpose.


I'd raise only one caveat: If your daughter is really serious about photography, and already more advanced than we have reason to suppose, then you might want to consider something a bit better. The lens is usually the weak spot in a low-end DSLR, so you might want to consider a  slightly better lens. It would help us to know exactly what her friend's camera is and what she thought of it. In fact, by your own admission, she knows more about photography than you do, so why don't you have her sign into this forum and tell us herself? The more we know about her experience and skill level, the better able we'll be to offer sensible advice.

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Robert is spot on with his reply.  A question that remains what is the budget for this new treasure?


 "I see it comes with a standard lense but should I buy any other lenses?"  I would say no, not to start with.  But there may be a better lens to start with. The lens is the most important part.


"Does it need anything else?"  Again, IMHO, not to start.  See where her interest lies in photography.  This can be an ongoing 'present' creating opportunity for many birthday's to come.


"How easy is it to transfer photos to social media?"   You are kidding?  No problem for a teenager!

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" I take all my photos on my iphone and think they look great ..."


They do as long as you view them on a 2x3 inch, give or take, screen!  And, or, Facebook. Smiley Happy

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I would agree with all of the points that Robert raised, except for logging into the forum.  I don't think that's needed.  I would suggest bringing her into the loop as you pick out a camera, which is what I think Robert's intent may have been.

First, and foremost, though, find out what type of camera she has been using: brand and model model number.  The T6 is good entry level camera, but it is also one that a true enthusiast will outgrow within a few weeks or months, [or] 2000 photos, which ever comes first.

The Canon refurbished store is a good suggestion.  If you're on a budget and want to stay with Canon, consider any of the Rebel camera bodies that include an EFS 18-55mm STM lens.  Note the "STM" on the end of the model, something which the lens included with a T6 does not have.  The T6 includes a lens initially released over a decade ago, while the STM is a far more recent release that  has better focusing motors and optics.  



Any of the other Rebels include the STM lens in a package.  I also suggest looking at the "portrait lens kit", which includes the EF 50mm f/1.8 STM and the EF-S 10-18mm STM lens.

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Lenses are more important than cameras.  A cheap lens on an expensive body will limit your image quality.  A good lens on a cheap body can make a great image so long as you are not shooting things that require complex autofocus like serious sports, etc.   


Consider buying body only and getting a nice general use lens like the 17-55 f/2.8 or consider getting body plus the kit lens but adding a better brighter lens like a 50mm f/1.4. 


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