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Is the EOS R50 good for basketball action shots?


I recently bought my wife a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM EF Mount Lens. The camera she currently has (T7) does not compliment the lens at all.  

After some research, I came across the R50 in a couple forums. 

I do apologize for my noob question, I have zero knowledge in photography. I've been trying my darndest to research and soak in as much knowledge as possible but I find myself going down these rabbit holes with so much terminology it starts sounds like a different language.


Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 



Note that you'd need an EF to RF adapter to attach the EF lens to an R-series camera such as the EOS R50.  Do stick with the Canon brand of such an adapter.

And while the f/2.8 aperture and that lens is quite good, it may be challenging for indoor sports as it may end up not having enough zoom.

For indoor sports, I like using a 135mm lens on my full-frame camera.  However, that is sometimes still too short, so getting a lens capable of up to 200mm would be ideal.

On your crop-sensor cameras (both the Rebel T7 and potential EOS R50), the 24-70mm lens would give you the equivalent of 38 to 112 mm.  So pretty decent, but again, you may find it not being able to reach your subjects when they are on the other side of the court.

Thus, recommend looking instead at a 70-200mm lens.  If moving to an R-series camera, definitely recommend the RF version of that lens.  Otherwise, if picking up an EF version, you'd need that adapter.


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First, sit back and take a deep breath.

Now. You said that you bought your wife a new lens, but her camera doesn't "compliment" the lens at all".

What do you mean by that? How is it lacking?

The 24-70 lens is not inherently bad, in and of itself. What do you think it lacks?

What was your wife using before you bought her the new lens?

A new Canon R50 will run around $700, and as Rick pointed out, if you intend to use the same EF 24-70 lens, you will need to spend another $100 or so for an adapter.

If it's the lens that is lacking, buying a new camera is  not going to help.

Now, if there are features in the camera that you would like to upgrade to, that's a different story.

Faster burst speeds? Ability to handle higher ISO's? A better Digic processor? Better ability to take video?

Those are all legitimate reasons to upgrade your camera.

Steve Thomas




Considering you are struggling with this situation to support your wife, would it not be a good idea to consider bringing her into the conversation and get her to say what she is trying to do and what is not working for her?

cheers, TREVOR

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