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Is it normal to feel like I've downgraded going from the 6d to the RP?


Recently I sold my old Canon 6d, mainly because I had so many focus problems with it... but despite of that, I loved the camera.

Decided to go to RP because it was the cheapest mirrorless fullframe model I could find, so I had my friend to bring me a unit from Australia (I live in Brazil), therefore I didn't have the opportunity to test out the camera, see how it "feels" in my hands and stuff.

Initial impressions are that I kinda have downgraded... the RP body feels so much "cheaper" and "amateur" than the 6d. I miss the circular dial, the above lcd, the EVF feels slower than the "old" view finder, and the grip of the camera isn't good as the 6d... plus it's annoying I can only use RF lenses (without adaptors).

Anyway, I feel disappointed in general... bad thing is I can't return the camera.

Has anyone gone through something similar?

Hope it's just a feeling and I end up falling in love for the camera...

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Greetings ,

In regards to photography gear, I haven't had any remorse.  I waited three plus generations of mirrorless before making the switch.  This included a lot of research and I'm pretty happy.

The R5 C was the first body I purchased sight unseen.  I had seen an R5 so I knew the C was going to have a little protrusion in the back for the fan.  I came from a 6D2.  Took me about 3 days to get used to the extra bulk on the back of the camera.  I love the grip and it fits very well in my hands.  

The absence of a top body LCD was one of the reasons I passed on the RP.  They aren't for everybody but I became accustomed to having it also.  I think you might be able to adjust the brightness of the EVF on your RP so you may want to take a look at that.  The RP on paper and based on the feedback from others performs extremely well.  I'm sorry that it hasn't met some of your expectations thus far.

I'm not sure what to comment on about your lens mount compatibility comment.  The camera has an RF mount. There's nothing ambiguous about that.  EF lenses will work very well with a Canon adapter.

I would recommend that you spend some time reading the cameras manual and taking more pictures.  Give it a chance and see if it turns out to be something that you can enjoy using.  

If it's not for you, then we can try to make recommendations if you tell us more about the type of photography you do and the lenses that you own currently.  One thing is certain, I think you should physically look at the next camera you plan on purchasing.


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RF lenses are the future.  They bring increased picture quality and some really nice features such as the control ring. And my personal favorite is wider apertures not found in the EF versions.  Two notables are the RF 24-70mm f/2 and RF 135mm f/1.8.

In terms of speed of the EVF, that is indeed why it was good to wait until the latency was lowered from the initial round of mirrorless cameras.  Will that ever get to zero as we've enjoyed wih optical view finders?  Perhaps not, but they'll be a point at which the latency is effectively zero for all practical purposes.   Unfortunately for your case, there wouldn't be anything you could do to increase the speed; it's a current hardware limitation.

Completely agree that for your next camera, see it in person before buying (perhaps rent it).  You can then get a feel for the speed improvements in the EVF amongst other things.

Finally, I feel that a better match to the EOS 6D (original and Mark II) would be the EOS R6 (original and Mark II).


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Canon sells a mount adapter so that you can use all of your EF lenses on any RF mount body.

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Sorry you haven't been happy with your RP. It doesn't really sit in the same place in Canon's mirrorless range as the 6D does in the DSLR range, you're bound to notice differences. As Ricky says, the R6 or R6mkII would, I'm sure, not disappoint. But some of the things you complain of are just user interface differences - just what you're used to. In time you can get used to the UI differences.

I don't know if you have a collection of EF lenses, but they will work just as well as they ever have on your RP, with an adapter as stated by Waddizzle. The adapter doesn't degrade image quality at all. On the other hand if you don't have EF lenses, you can begin putting together a set of RF lenses. As Ricky says, RF lenses are the future.

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