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If you can't download 6D images to iPhone


Just got my 6D last week.  Love it!  Excellent implementation of WiFi to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).  Only a couple of pushes to establish connection after the first pairing.


But, I had a problem at first:  From the iPhone I could control the camera, view all images on the SD card and email small, medium, large or full size images with no problem.  But, I couldn't save images to iPhone Camera Roll.  If I hit the SAVE icon, it would just give me a BUSY icon forever and would not save.


THE PROBLEM:  Emailed and called Canon, but they had no idea except to delete and reload the EOS REMOTE App which didn't help.  However, a hint from another website identified the problem.  When I first connected the iPhone and EOS 6D, I accidentally hit "NO" when asked to "allow the 6D to access my camera roll".  I instinctively don't allow most apps to access location services, contacts or camera roll until I'm familiar with the app.  In this case it keeps EOS REMOTE from saving photos, and no error message.


To FIX THIS:  On your iPhone, go to SETTINGS/PRIVACY/PHOTOS/EOS REMOTE and turn access to ON.


Immediately started working like a champ.


Great camera.  Great app.


Jim in Boulder


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