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I'm stuck trying to decide between a Canon R or a Canon 6Dii, opinions needed!


Hey friends, I need to upgrade my gear but sadly the pandemic has just killed my ability to throw down my usual $3500. This time I could only scrounge about $1400. I'm trying to decide between the Canon R or a Canon 6Dii. I have been on a DSLR (SLR) my entire career, my lenses are all EF mount. I do not do video, only photography. I need a full frame sensor. I photograph mostly people, home interiors and low light situations (astro, long expo, etc). This camera should only need to get me through a year so a 150,000 actuation warranty rate is fine. Thank you friends!!!!



Canon 6D Mark II vs Canon EOS R (

I'm assuming you have a camera now? You also imply that within a year you will have enough money for a "better" camera.

Is your current camera not sufficient to carry you for a year or less?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I'm with John.  What do you own now.  Is it working and why the immediate need to upgrade? 

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Looks like three!  I would not buy a new DSLR now. They are dead and the future is mirrorless. Your EF lenses will work on the new mirrorless camera with the adapter.

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I agree.  Go with a MILC body and the RF mount.  

That being said, I still had a GAS attack last spring when they marked down the 5Dsr to $1500.  I wanted the resolution of the R5, but I am only shooting mostly landscapes and still life shots with it.  

[EDIT] Nearly all of the shots are made using a tripod, anyway.

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