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I got a canon EOS rebel T3 camera yesterday and it flashed orange and I can't take anymore pictures!

So, yesterday I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and it was working perfectly fine and I was just getting the hang of it! But then all of a sudden i don't know/remember pressing anything and it flashed orange when I went to take a picture and it did it again and it wasn't the battery because the batterie was halfway and I don't know what to do... It doesn't make a noise or anything when I click the shutter button! Please help me I'm freaking out!


I suggest that you'd better sent it to repair center to do a check up.


Hold on don't send it anywhere until you:

Remove the battery for 30 minutes or so. Make sure it is fully charged and reinsert it.

Use a known good SD card.  <----very important

Make sure you go into the menu and set everything back to factory defaults. (Check your manual)

Make sure the dial on the top is set to the green square.

Now try it again!  Smiley Wink

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


Flashed orange you mean the light on the front of the camera?  Do you hear series of beeps then fast beeping shortly after it snaps a picture?  You may have turned on the Self timer feature. 


Here's where find some things in the user manual refer to page 87 to 89 how to turn it on and off .. You may also click HERE  to view how to work it. Don't worry the link is a Canon website.  I do suggest invest on a "UHS-1/Class 10"  SD card. " Class # " will it dictate how fast the camera can process and store pictures into the SD card.  Anything lower than Class 6 will be too slow could take up to few minutes before you can snap next picture.


I suggest Downloading the manual if you haven't read the hard copy. It will come very handy


Read page 164 how to revert the camera to default settings


EOS Rebel T3


I had the EOS Rebel T3 for 3 years now Smiley Happy


I had that problem as well, but it turned out to just be my self-timer. I also had the beeping noises. Hope this helps.

@haza1704 wrote:

I had that problem as well, but it turned out to just be my self-timer. I also had the beeping noises. Hope this helps.

If it does, then the OP must be a very patient lady. You'll note that she asked her question exactly 27 months ago.  Smiley Happy

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