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I cannot figure out how to connect my new Canon Rebel T8i to my Mac Pro. Anyone?


Hi friends, 

I've just upped my game getting a DSLR to do stop motion with. I just bought the Canon Rebel T8i and cannot figure out how to get the camera to connect to my computer (so I can run it through the software, DragonFrame). 

From what I read, once you plug your camera into the computer via USB it should pop up with Canon Utility, but it's not. 

Any suggestions? 

Thank you, 



I don't usually use the Canon software. Image Capture runs fine for me. Try having image capture running when you plug in the camera and turn it on.

I opened image capture and it’s not picking up the camera either. I realized I was using the HDMI connection from camera to computer. I don’t know if the camera can only work with a USB connection?  

Yes, it has to be USB. HDMI is pretty much only video output.