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How to use DSLR lenses on EOS R50


I’m a teen photographer that is truly new to the world of photography. Sports specifically. I currently have the whole Rebel t7 kit situation, I’ve been looking at an R50 yet I understand that one is a DSLR and one is Mirrorless. Is there a possibility to use my DSLR lenses? Or is it best to get a newer, (more costly) one?



Canon EF and EF-S lenses from your Rebel T7 can be used with the EOS R50, but you need to use the EF EOS R mount adapter between the lens and the R50.

The adaptor has two functions - it spaces the lens to the same distance from the sensor as they would be used on your DSLR, and it converts the lens mount to the new R mount of the R50. 

There are some performance and functional benefits to using the newer RF or RF-S lenses but your existing lenses work. There may be more limitations if you have lenses that are not Canon brand lenses.


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Hi and welcome to the forum:

While you say you have the whole Rebel T7 kit, there are some variations in that optics range.   Can you please identify the lenses you do have please?
As Brian correctly said, you would be better off to get an RF lens to achieve the maximum value from your camera investment, and you will not have to spend money on a EF-RF adapter that will add bulk and weight to your system.

To advise you further, it would be helpful to know a couple of things:
What is your budget LIMIT - giving us a dollar value helps us recommend the best optics you can actually afford.
When you say sports, can you say what sports in particular?  The optics for an indoor basketball game would be different from getting up close and personal with players in  a daylight field game like football or baseball.  So again, the more specific you can be, the better our advice will be.

Thank you.

cheers, TREVOR

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