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How to access geolocation information


Rebel EOS T6
Samsung Galaxy S9+


I can connect the camera to the phone wirelessly.

I can turn on the feature (on the phone) that begins the geolocation log.


How do get this information from the log on the phone to the photograph? 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!




As near as I can figure out, the camera does not maintain a running log. It simply knows where it is, based on the internal GPS, then applies this information to each individual photograph.


As we had mentioned, the best we have been able to replicate a complete log is to use third-party hardware or software (Open GPS seems to be a favorite amongst us, I also prefer All Trails when I am breaking brush). You MUST start/stop a new track from your phone at the beginning of your adventures, then you move this file from your phone to Google Earth.

This will show you your near-exact route that you took on the ground.


On behalf of all the Canon Users, I hope this helped!



The camera does have a log. It's on the SD card. That's easy, as long as you enable it in the camera settings. It does drain the battery to do this.

However to save battery I logged with my Android phone instead with the Camera Connect App. Later, through the app, I applied a location to the photos on the camera. That all worked as expected, no issues.

Now the app didn't know when I took a photo so obviously it made a log also. But I can't find it anywhere on my phone. That is my question. Thanks 🙂
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