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How to Fully disable R8 EVF proximity sensor.


Got R8 an right after launch. Its great, I really like it but there is one thing that drives me crazy and thats the EVF proximity sensor.

Imagine this situation: I use Viewfinder Only, its raining heavily and I keep my camera in its bag, I take it out for a few shots then return it. But since the EVF sensor thinks the bag is my face it never goes to sleep so I have to turn the camera off completely or it will stay on.q

I've tried all the Screen/viewfinder options. but they all suffer from the same issue.

AUTO1/AUTO2 are the same thing. Screen is not what I want to use and Viewfinder suffers from this problem.

I tried several tapes to try to fool the TOF sensor but no luck. Is there a way to disable it or request this simple option in the settings? Seems like such a basic thing but its not available.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings dominique120,

The EOS R8 does not have the ability to disable the EVF setting you're requesting, but I have submitted your feedback to our engineers for consideration and may be incorporated in future updates. Please note that decisions to incorporate a particular camera design are made by our engineers and product designers in Japan, based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are all taken into consideration.


What does the Power Saving Option do in the [Wrench 3] menu do?   There is an option to turn off the screen.

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