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How do I use the Manual Video Mode (Finding ISO, Shutter, & Aperture)?

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Hey Canon Community!


I've been searching for hours 'How to Use Manual Video Mode' on the Canon Rebel T5. I'm trying to make a Cinematic Video and I got my Camera into Manual Mode in Video but I can't find the ISO, Shutter, or the Aperture Buttons. I tried looking through the Basic Instruction Manul but it doesn't say where/how I can find it. The Reason why I need this in Manual mode because I'm making a Video for my Mountain Biking Racing Team and I think it will be super cool if I had it in CInematic Mode.




- Davis Clark


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Page 156 of the user manual, it's all there.

Here is full manual incase Basic Manual doesn't cover everything you need.


John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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