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Help! Recording Stopped Alert?

I keep doing this... I'm using my M50 to record myself drawing. I turn the camera on, start recording, and then x minutes later I look up and notice that the camera has stopped recording because my memory card is full. The only thing is... there is no noise to let me know that! So I missed out on recording like half of my drawing. The other issue is when it hits the 30-minute recording limit, but I just usually set an egg timer for that now. Is there a way to enable some kind of alert or sound? How do you guys deal with this? BTW I am usually recording with the camera hooked up to my computer and recording from live view.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi SammyG,


Thanks for checking in with us!


As you suggested the camera won't make a sound when it finishes recording or when the card is full. This is so that camera will not be too disruptive during the recording.


When the camera stops recording, the indicator light by the viewfinder will stop blinking, so you might be able to set up a mirror so that you can monitor the indator while working on your drawing.