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Help! 600D Screen Display Problem


Hi everyone! I'm here because I really need some help.


My camera t3i 600D is almost new, since it arrived a couple of weeks ago.
Last weekend, I was using it to shoot some videos and then, after changing it to manual mode, I shoot a picture and the light of the screen display changed..

It's really hard to see the options on screen. I tried to increase the brightness from the menu, but thats doesn't seem to solved this.
And when I enter in the display mode, my photos looks weird (really dark, color seems to tend to violet)..

any ideas what could have happen? I hope this is something that could be solved from firmware or anything like that (and not a hardware repair).


thanks anyway



I have a T3i.  I have several times jabbed a wrong button with my fat fingers and made something weird happen.  Your issue could be a damaged LCD screen, but it does not sound like it. 


Try this:


Go to the "MENU" button on the back of the camera.  Go to the 3rd YELLOW menu box (the last yellow box before the final "GREEN" box at the end of the menu strip.


There are 4 menu choices here.  Go down to the 3rd, which is "CLEAR SETTINGS".  Then go to Clear All Camera Settings, and press "set" on that, and see if maybe that fixes your problem?


Or  you could try taking the battery out and leaving it out for several hours while you charge your battery.  Maybe that would cover it?


Good luck!




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