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Grips on either side of Rebel digital body gotten sticky


I have a digital Rebel.  The grips on either side of the main body have gotten very sticky and a black almost tar like substance comes off on my hands when I hold it.  I cannot find a way to replace it.  Any suggestions on how to coat or cover it so it doesn’t come off on my hands, clothes, etc?  Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks!



Which camera model do you have?  In my experience, the outside surfaces of the cameras are fairly durable under average usage conditions.

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I have the 300 Digital.  There is a large grip on the right and a smaller grip on the left.  The black substance comes off on my hands and is really hard to get off.  It’s also very sticky.  I’m afraid I’ll get it on the lenses or dials.


I have had that phenomenon occur to me with a camera and some tools.  Basically it is a kind of degeneration of the plastic.  To clean it up, this is what worked for me: get Isopropyl alcohol (not methylated spirits, or anything else that will leave a reside) and, applying the alcohol to a rag (not directly onto the camera) apply some serious elbow grease and it should removed the degraded layer.  You will have to be patient and persistent.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Thanks!  I will definitely try that.  Where would I find the Isopropyl alcohol?  Someplace like Home Depot?

I've had the same experience as Trevor, but with just an old camera. I was able to gently clean it off with 70% isopropyl alcohol. However, once rubber has started to degrade, you really can't stop it, so this is just a temporary solution. Your camera is very old, so it's no surprise that the grips are degrading, whether naturally or maybe something it's been exposed to. I read an article that explained that products like sunscreen, insect repellent, or even some perfumes, can cause rubber to degrade. Mine was never exposed to these products, but it was very old.


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I have had many cameras much older than this, including a Canon SLR, and have never had a problem,  This is from about 2005 and is always in a camera bag when not in use, which is why it is strange.  I will try the Isopropyl alcohol and hope for the best.  Thanks!

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