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Extranal flash not working on T3I


I have a T3i and for Chirstmas got a Sigma EF-610 flah and I can not get it to work. The built on flash works fine.

Can not figure out what I am missing..


Thanks for the help..



I'm not familiar with that type of flash. Have you tried re-seat the flash on the hot shoe? Have you checked the flash control setting for external flash in your camera and the owners manual of the flash? According to the manual A non-Canon flash will not fire during "Live View" shooting. I hope this little bit helps.

M@gic L@nternFlash  once installed hit trashcan button and goto Tweaks > 3rd p. flash LV  wala

Are you sure you got the version that is for Canon? The 3rd party flash companies make different versions of the same flashes for use with Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. The electronics and pin configuration in the shoe are different for each. In the case of Sigma, who also make cameras, there is even a Sigma version of most of their products.

Did you buy it new? Do you have the packaging? My Photttix flashes actually say "for Canon" on the front of the flash.

The comment above about making sure you seated it all the wAy forward into the hotshoe mount was also a good one. I have had that happen to me. Also, did you put good batteries into the flash? Did you get them in the right way? Typically they take 4 double A's. Also, 2 go in upside down, so you have to look carefully. Will it turn on and will it flash when you press "test"?

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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?


I got it working, I had it on auto and when I moved it to any of the manual settings it works fine.. Thank you all for the suggestions..

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