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EOSUPNSV.exe floods the network with UPNP multicast


Periodically EOSUPNSV.exe (version floods the network with UPNP messages.   OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit (up to date with all Windows Updates).

I have disabled it in the Startup tab in the Task Manager (for the time being).


The symptoms are similar to "WFTPairing not working in Windows 8" (where the firewall aparently considered it a denial of service problem), but I wasn't using it at all.



I'm experiencing the same problem.  EOS Utility 2 brings this gremiln to the party.  Only found out by selectively killing processes that the Canon UPNP detector was responsible for bringing my network to its knees!  Not impressed.

I like the gremlin reference very much. Very appropriate. 🙂

It is not continuous. It seems to be flooding only when the EOSUPNSV.exe process is at high CPU usage, making it much harder to find. I started a trace, found the IP address, looked at message content and saw the URI with "canon" in it. That is how I found it. I wasted a day on it too.....


I am also new on this Canon forum. Nice forum by the way. Maybe someone from Canon is monitoring this?
Anyway, trying to send frames back-to-back is almost always mayhem. I wonder if there is a need to spontaneously Multicast. In any case they should limit the number of multicast messages to 5 or 10 per second (too fast for humans to notice, no problem for the network). A simple timer will do...

I didn't get as far as wireshark, but I did get as far as tearing my hair out.  I'm going to open a support ticket with Canon.  I don't hold out a lot of hope, but I know from another forum they've already heard from at least one person about this particular issue.  Perhaps with a few similar reports, they might roll out a fix.


I have this problem since I've installed W8.1 and get the EOS utility 2.14. I have only detected today that the problem was linked with this software. During the last two months I just got crazy trying to have my home network running. I switched off the wifi on my PC by even with a cable connexion somethinkwas bringing down the whole network. I have even changed my router as I though it was faulty. Canon seems to have issued a new version (dated july 2014) of the EOS utility (2.141). I have just installed it : for the moment it seems fine. They have perhaps fixed the bugs

Yes, sorry, I forgot to update this thread.  Happily the latest version of EOS Utility 2 does include the fix for this bug.

@robpomeroy wrote:

Yes, sorry, I forgot to update this thread.  Happily the latest version of EOS Utility 2 does include the fix for this bug.

Do you happen to know whether the bug existed in EOSU 3? IIRC, the release of Version 3 preceded the latest release of Version 2.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

@Robert. I do not know the real answer to your question. But it was reletively easy to recognize. No need for a network expert. The lights on the siwitch don't turn off. Normally they blink when there is a message. Not turning off means too many messages. It was floodig for relatively long periods, then silence, then flooding again, etc.. Also after reboot of the PC. (Of course a network trace is the best proof, but that is not for everyone).

It's reasonable to suppose that the same libraries are used in all versions of the Utility.  So if the bug exists in U3, Canon should be aware and duly post a fix.


If you're not experiencing severe network problems, I wouldn't worry about it.  I mean, really, other than an uncontained network loop I've not seen anything lock up a network as bad!