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EOS1000D / Rebel RAW problem


My daughter has resurrected an old EOS1000D camera and taken images in raw. She has transferred them to her (up to date) Mac but the cr2 files are not recognised by LR, PS or even DNG converter. I shoot in RAW with my EOS800D no problem, she sent me the images and I cannot read them on my Windows 10 desktop either. The DNG convertor actually says "the file appears to be an unsupported format". 


We have both installed DPP and the canon camera raw plugin on our systems. And updated the Adobe apps. She bought a new SD 32G card a few days ago and there is still a problem. Her camera settings are creating both RAW & jpg, we can see the jpg images. 


If I look at the RAW images through Bridge or DPP, I can see the exif information, but I cannot open or save the images. The exif info shows that the firmware is 1.0.7, I looked that up it appears to be the latest version. 


We live in diff cities so have been using teamviewer to check her setups and updates on her system. 


Would appreciate any help how to solve this!



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In the CR2 file the embedded jpeg that I extracted is at the beginning of the CR2 file and also smaller. I haven't extracted the other two embedded files.
The raw file in the CR2 file is corrupt, but 25% of it is still okey.
Perhaps also at the beginning, I don't know.

One way to check if the raw file is intact in the camera may be to check the file size like the picture below shows.


If the camera is recording both RAW and JPEG, which file would get displayed during playback?  You will not see both.

It will show the jpeg file size if you shoot raw+jpeg.

That's what I thought.  Plus, it is not like you can delete one file or the other using the camera.  If you delete one, you will delete them both.  I would assume that the RAW file(s) is corrupt, and unrecoverable.  Try shooting as RAW only.

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The raw file seems big enough so if she is lucky it is just a transfer issue.

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Do you have a raw sample to upload? Use a file host like Google Drive or Dropbox.


Are you able to open this raw file from a 1000D? 


there are 2 crs file in the above link, thank you. She cannot open the raw file via pc or mac laptop, she says she can see the image on her camera screen but I'm not sure if she isnt looking at the jpg. As suggested I'll get her to set it to just raw, which will ensure also that she is just looking at her raw images

3 MB. The file size should be 9-15 MB. How does she transfer the files from card to computer?

As you can see, 75% of the raw file is missing. The embedded jpeg at full size is still there.



she's using the camera cable ... which is pretty old. Because she couldnt import using LR she copied and pasted. She's ordered a card reader which hopefully will arrive in the next couple of days?

Corrupt raw file + full size 1936x1288px embedded jpeg. Too bad there is no full size embedded jpeg from 1000D like the one in the newer camera models from Canon. Tell me if you want me to remove the picture.

A card reader seems to be a good idea.






no need to remove the pic thanks Smiley Happy

@Peter wrote:

3 MB. The file size should be 9-15 MB. How does she transfer the files from card to computer?

As you can see, 75% of the raw file is missing. The embedded jpeg at full size is still there.


Why would only the RAW files become corrupted, while the JPEG files seem to transfer without any issues?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I will update as soon as she has got the card reader and tries that, thank you


Is she shooting RAW+JPEG? I found that with that camera the RAWS in RAW+JPEG are not readable by anything, but if you save straight RAW, it was fine.