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EOS Rebel T7 automatic upload to Google Drive


I recently set up my Canon EOS Rebel T7 with web services to upload to Google Drive. Everything seems to be working well and connected when I manually upload pictures, so I feel the configuration is correct.

However, I checked the option in under the Google Drive section to automatically upload my pictures, and it isn't happening. Is this option supposed to automatically upload the pictures while the camera is turned on, or is it not really 'automatic' in that I have to initiate the upload?

I've searched the manuals, and online for a good description of this feature and can't find a clear answer.



While I have never used the feature, I would assume that at least two conditions must be met before images can be uploaded.  The camera must be turned on and the camera must be connected to a WAP, Wi-Fi Access Point, with Internet access.

As far as when actual uploading occurs goes, I would assume that any photo that you take would be uploaded when you take it, provided the above pre-conditions are met.  

If the pre-conditions are not met, then I would expect the images to be stored on your memory card until you manually initiate an upload when you are able to connect to the internet.  

I do not think automatically uploading saved images is something that you would want to happen the very moment you turn on your camera.  What if you want to take some more photos, instead

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Actually, I want images to upload to my Google drive right when I take them. My use case for this camera would benefit quite a bit from that happening. As is, even though the option SEEMS to be there to have that happen, it doesn't. I must take pictures and step through multiple menu selections before I can upload the pictures - a process that takes extra time and effort that would be resolved by the service actually working as the documentation seems to indicate it should.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm facing the same issue. I connected the camera, turned on the Google Drive service (what a pain, c'mon Canon), checked the slider that said automatically upload, but it doesn't upload automatically. Manually selecting a photo on the camera and saying upload pushes that one file.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello jdedwards,

The images will not automatically transfer while shooting but should automatically transfer to Google Drive once you initiate the transfer to as long as you have the automatic transfer turned on in your Google Drive settings. 

Can you clarify what you mean by "initiate the transfer to"? I have followed the documented steps, and the only thing I have managed to do from the camera is upload a single photo manually.

Hi djbessel,

The EOS Rebel T7 does not have the ability to automatically upload images while you are taking them. The process John_Q is discussing is when you manually select images on the camera and upload them to Once they have been uploaded to then the service can automatically transfer the uploaded images to your linked Google account.

If you want to see the steps for the different ways to upload images from the EOS Rebel T7 to they are on pages 95-106 of the wifi manual. If you need a copy of the wifi manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Manuals button and the one to reference is named EOS Rebel T7 EOS 1500D Wireless Function Instruction Manual. 

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