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EOS Rebel T7 & Insignia Remote



I have Canon EOS Rebel T7 and I bought this remote control:

and now I'm wondering if the camera actually has bluetooth to connect to it?

I found WI-FI, was able to connect to WI-FI, but couldn't find how to turn bluetooth on....


If you know how to, could you please direct me to some info online?

I was able to connect through the wi-fi and through the app on my phone, so remote in general isn't an issue,
I'm just wondering if I should return the remote control I bought....

Thank you!



The “Insignia” remote you bought is an Infrared wireless remote which works on most Canon DSLRs. 


The T7 has no Infrared wireless remote compatibility because Canon chose to remove this feature in order to lower the price. 

Mike Sowsun


What is the question? The Rebel T7 has built in wi-fi.


Built-in Wi-Fi®* Capability

EOS Rebel T7 camera offers a number of easy solutions for sharing. It's equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity to help make wireless functions incredibly easy and convenient. Using Wi-Fi® and Canon's free Camera Connect app, the EOS Rebel T7 can connect to a number of compatible devices – including smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi® enabled Canon cameras, and Wi-Fi® equipped printers. You can share photos and videos between cameras, browse photos and videos, print images for friends and family or post them to select social media sites.


But I believe that little remote trigger is infra red!



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


Vivitar make a good wireless remote in the $20-30 range. It has a transmitter and receiver that plugs into your remote control port, I did not check but I would think the T7 does have a remote port.

The T7 does not have Bluetooth so it must use WiFi in order to connect to the Canon CameraConnect App.



 I have used the radio wireless remotes that plug into the remote plug and they do work very well. 



Mike Sowsun

Mike that is the same wireless Vivitar remote I have and it does work well. 

However that isn't the remote the OP has. I think he may be confused about how either is working.  

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

A light bulb just went on in my head....does the "i" in like a T6i or a T7i stand for infrared capable?

I don't think so, If that was the case it would be the T6Si.

There goes my Eureka! moment! 😞 So I searched and it seems the " i " just means a higher level camera per TCampbell in this thread:

click here to view the gallery